Best Frozen Green Peas in Rajkot


About The Product

Our company is engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Fresh and Frozen Green Peas.

Frozen Organic Peas from Good Harvest Foods are a great way to round off a substantial family supper. These tasty green peas go well with savoury butter paneer or grilled chicken as a side dish. Green peas are a good source of vitamin C and are organic, making them a good addition to a well-rounded lunch. Your peas pulao, Matar paneer, or aloo Matar will taste fantastic with the frozen peas, whether served as is or with herbs and spices for a more sophisticated side dish that everyone will enjoy.
Every Good Harvest Foods product begins with high-quality ingredients that produce outstanding flavour, making it easy for you and your family to eat properly on a daily basis. Each mouthful will be delicious, we guarantee it.


The peas come from all around India, including Punjab and other portions of Northern India. By adopting the most modern individual rapid freezing process, the peas are frozen while they are still fresh. This brand's frozen peas have no additives or preservatives, which is a huge plus.

Nutritional Facts

Good Harvest Foods Frozen Green Peas contains (100g):

  • 0.27 g of fat
  • 0.024 g of cholesterol
  • 81 mg of sodium
  • 107 mg of potassium

Green peas are high in fibre, so eating them on a regular basis can help keep your heart healthy.

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